Our Range



Spicy Capsicum (Red Pepper)


Slightly milder than our Arrabbiata, and enriched with generous quantities of fresh
capsicum, this sauce makes a great base for a pasta meal, and pairs well with
falafels or as a pizza base

Shiraz & Mushroom

One of our most popular options, the addition of red wine (alcohol content < 0.5%) brings this sauce alive. 

Olives and fried mushrooms add a richness and deep flavor.



Creamy Cashew with Vodka


Our best seller from the range, we use cashew cream, balsamic vinegar and
loads of herbs to create a creamy, rich sauce that has huge versatility in the






A traditional Italian option, our arrabbiata sauce is made with extra virgin olive oil,
fresh chillis and genuine balsamic vinegar to produce a pasta sauce with a kick.


Mushroom & White Bean Cassoulet


Stock of fresh mushrooms, combined with fresh potatoes, carrots, celery and
onions make this a rich and flavourful stew which goes well with crusty bread,
potatoes or rice.

We add a hint of spice to make it a unique flavour profile



Chilli Chipotle Beans


A vegan take on Chilli con Carne, we combine black beans, red kidney beans, corn and pearl barley with smoked chipotle chillis to create an aromatic, medium spiced meal that makes a great party snack paired with corn chips and guacamole – or a full meal with rice or jacket potatoes.



Chana Masala


A medium spiced curry made with turmeric, fresh chilli and fresh coriander.

Designed to be paired with rice and one or more other options from the Spice Owl range.



Black Lentil & Coconut Dal



Our Dal is based on a traditional Indian recipe, using Coconut cream and black lentils and kidney bean to create a warming textured Dal with a small chilli kick.




Cashew & Coconut Curry


We simmer whole cashews and butternut pumpkin in a rich coconut sauce to create a creamy flavour-packed curry – guaranteed to remind you of sunsets on a tropical beach!



Leek & Lemon Risotto


Creamy arborio rice, fresh leeks, lemon and peas with cashew cream make this vegan risotto a full flavoured, unique and delicious option. Paired with bread or salad, it’s a quick and easy meal.



Homestyle Baked Beans


Our take on a family favourite uses tamarind and red wine to create a thick sauce with loads of umami flavor. Versatile and healthy, this goes with almost anything!



Summer Vegetable Ratatouille

Ratatouille makes a perfect partner to pasta, salad and many other options. We use fresh zucchini (courgettes), eggplant (aubergine), capsicum and tomatoes to create a true, premium quality ratatouille.



Moroccan Vegetable Tagine


Spiced with traditional middle eastern spices, and sweetened with apricots and dates, our tagine contains chick peas, carrots, potatoes and sweet potatoes and is slow cooked for a rich, spicy satisfying flavour.